Staying Focused with Things 3

I’ve used Things 3 for nearly a year to track my todos and my reminders. It’s an amazing little app that has helped me become organized and stay focused and I wanted to share how I’ve been using it, just in case it might be able to help you, too.


My 2018–2019 Setup in Notion

What was first a tool of skepticism has now become a tool of necessity for me. I’ve used it each day since first creating an account and very quickly, Notion helped me reshape the many ways that I organize, record, and plan my days. If you find yourself searching for an all-in-one tool, I would love to share with you how I have chosen to use Notion and maybe, I can convince you that it’s a tool worth your time, too.


First Impressions of the iPad Pro

Happy new iPad day! It’s not often that we see major redesigns in many of Apple’s products, but with last year’s all-new iPhone X and now the new generation of iPad Pro, the latest hardware from Apple once again feels completely new, and a bit special. Albeit expensive, these are really beautiful devices, that feel new and exciting in nearly every way.


Designing for Healthcare

Traditional care typically involves seeing a patient for just a few minutes at several points throughout the year, whereas continuous remote care enables a patient to have instant access to answers, resources, and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Collaborative Design at Scale with Figma

Known as a chronic and progressive condition, type 2 diabetes has become an epidemic, affecting nearly 450 million people globally. At Virta, our mission is to reverse this disease in 100 million people by the year 2025. To achieve this reality, our team has to ensure that we are running not only quickly, but in the right direction. We must create systems that allow us to design and implement with speed. One of the tools we use to achieve this rapid iteration is Figma.